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World News: Australian election: Labor leader Anthony Albanese claims victory Updated: 2022-05-23 09:25:26 KST

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In Australia, Anthony Albanese has been elected as the country's 31st prime minister.
The win in Saturday's general election ends almost a decade of conservative rule, with preliminary figures showing that the leading Labor Party is just 4 seats shy of the 76 house seats needed to form a government alone, with 14 seats still open.
Final results could take some time, as 71% of the votes have been counted so far.
Earlier, conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison called Albanese to concede defeat in the election and to congratulate him on his victory.
In an address to supporters, Albanese said it was an extraordinary honor to lead the country.

Over the weekend the U.S. saw polarizing weather events, as a sizzling heat wave hit much of the East Coast, pushing temperatures in New York and Boston to near record highs.
The National Weather Service said on Friday that temperatures reached as high as 35 degrees Celsius much higher than the cool springtime weather of this time of year, which usually only reaches the lower 20s.
Meanwhile, a late spring snowfall blanketed parts of Colorado on Saturday, after temperatures plummeted across the state, falling 30 degrees in a single day.
Local media reported that the cold conditions have left approximately 110-thousand people without power.

On Sunday, female presenters on local TV stations in Afghanistan voiced their frustration over a new Taliban ruling requiring them to cover their faces when on air.
Initially announced on May 19th, the ruling comes days after authorities ordered women to cover their faces in public, signaling a return to the Taliban's past hardline rule and an escalation of restrictions.
The Taliban's Minister of Vice and Virtue, Akif Muajer, told Reuters face coverings for TV presenters were required from May 21st.
Muajer didn't specify what the consequences are for those who don't comply, but did add that presenters could wear a face mask.

Turning to Bolivia, where a group of indigenous women have developed an app that could potentially help save the lives of users.
The app informs users on women’s rights, and how to spot different types of violence.
It also provides a platform for victims to find legal, psychological, and physical aid, and assistance is provided whenever the SOS button in the app is activated.
Creators of the software, the Aymaras del Kollasuyo Women Organization have named it Felisa and Yanapiri, a Spanish word sounding similar to 'happy' and an Aymara word which means 'those who help'.
Last year, 108 women were murdered in Bolivia, while so far in 2022, a further 34 women have been killed.

On Friday evening local time, Europe's tallest active volcano, Mount Etna, spewed smoke and red-hot lava into the night sky with magma travelling down the mountain throughout the evening towards ''Lion Valley''.
Standing at 3,330-meters-high, the volcano has spectacular eruptions several times a year, often sending lava and ash high over the Mediterranean island of Sicily.
Located above the town of Catania, the volcano's frequent eruptions seldom cause damage.
It also is believed to have the longest written record of eruptions of any volcano, with its first recorded observation going back as far 425 B.C., and the last major eruption occurring in 1992.

Matthew Ashley, Arirang News.
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