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2021 Robot World exhibition kicks off in South Korea to show latest industry trends Updated: 2021-10-28 07:52:25 KST

This robot can select specific items and place them so that they're ready to be packed.
By simply touching the screen, a robot barista makes you a cup of coffee and even waves good-bye.
This walking robot might look cute but it can also carry heavy objects to hard-to-reach places.
All, are just a tiny part of this year's Robot World exhibition.

"While robots were mainly used for manufacturing in the past, now they are very close to our daily lives. Robot industry people, please know that the future of the country's robot industry is in your hands and you have the government's full support.

Undoubtedly,.. the most attention grabbing trend this year is what's called "cooperative robots."
Flexible, human-like arms carry out multiple tasks from distribution to production.
What's most remarkable, is that they are safe enough for people to work close to.

"Originally, industrial robots cannot function in the same place as people so they were used specifically at manufacturing sites. But cooperative robots can be used near people like in service areas."

Wearable robots is another hit item that you won't want to miss.
Some are for daily use, such as to help the elderly or those who are undergoing rehabilitation.
Others are for hazardous industrial environments like this one.

"Right now, I'm in a wearable robot suit that allows me to carry heavy objects. Using this hook, I can lift these huge stacks of water bottles without any problem. Let me try."

But the exhibition is not just for adults.
There are tons of products on display for children, like these robot blocks, and drones that visitors can try for themselves.
For foreign buyers, it's a great place for business to get their hands on a wide array of quality products all at once.

"We think that Korea is very innovative and gives very high quality products for less of a price So if you are interested in Korean made technology, this is the place to be and get all in one show."

As of 2019,.. South Korea's robot industry was worth around 4.6 billion U.S. dollars and the government aims to expand that to around 13 billion by 2023.
Marking the 16th year, the exhibition is expected to help the country's rapidly growing robot industry expand even further.
Kim Sung-min, Arirang News
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