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S. Korea to introduce phase 1 of 'Living with COVID-19' scheme on Nov. 1 Updated: 2021-10-26 12:14:19 KST

Now as Yeon-seung has shared with us through her report the bare bones of our plan out of the pandemic have been laid out and for a bit more on those efforts I have Choi Min-jung here in the studio.
Min-jung welcome.

Thank you for having me.

So what are some of the immediate changes starting next week?

Yes. So starting November first, Korea will kick off PHASE ONE of its three-step transition.

As part of that there is a big change in the number of people allowed for social gatherings.
A maximum of ten people can gather regardless of the number of people vaccinated.
But in restaurants and cafes, no more than 4 unvaccinated people are allowed.

The restrictions on operating hours for almost all businesses will be lifted as well.
This means restaurants and cafes can operate 24 hours a day.
BUT, there are still limits in place for high-risk venues like bars and nightclubs.
They will have to close at midnight.
A "vaccine pass" for fully-vaccinated people, will be required for entry into these venues as well.
In regards to this, the Prime Minister stressed that those who haven't been vaccinated should not be discriminated against.

"We are well aware that this measure should not be used to discriminate the unvaccinated or give disadvantages to those who could not receive the jab due to health issues. We will thoroughly listen to various opinions, and design and operate the measures in a balanced way, promoting the daily recovery of the entire community."

The Prime Minister also highlighted that daily tallies have fallen to levels witnessed in the beginning of the fourth wave,.. as the country heads toward vaccinating 80 percent of the population.

Right and staying with inoculation efforts.
I hear the global health body had a few words to share on that front?

Well, the WHO chief says that vaccinating 40 percent of the population in ALL countries will be possible by the end of this year.

Though he did express concerns over vaccine inequity, as many people in the developing world have not yet received their first doses.
A fair distribution seems important at this point,.. to get the entire world back to normal.

Thank you for now Min-jung but do stay for the broader talks with Soa.

Thank you.
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