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'Belgium Festival' hosted in Seoul to mark 120 years of Korea-Belgium friendship Updated: 2021-10-23 09:35:01 KST

A mix of Belgium and Korea in a festival full of art and unique food.
People in Seoul are visiting the "Belgium Festival" to get a closer sense of Belgian culture.

"Belgium is a country that has so much to offer besides waffles. This festival intends to bring Belgium closer to South Korea by offering a wide range of cultural experiences to the public."

Born Korean, but raised in Belgium.
A two Michelin star chef has come to give South Koreans a little taste of Belgian food with a touch of local flavor.

"It's a mix between Korean and Belgian. Normally I use vegetables from my garden but today I used local product. I used dongchimi and mixed it with butter. Butter is more European and dongchimi is more Korean."

Apart from the cuisine, the festival incorporated both Korean and Belgian culture through pieces of art.

"I got interested in Belgium a lot so I wanted to visit here Actually, I didn't know that Tintin and Smurf were Belgian characters…. I (came to) know the diverse Belgian artists because of this show."

The festival was hosted by the Embassy of Belgium in South Korea to mark the 120th anniversary of Korea-Belgium diplomatic relations.

"For me, and for us it's very significant as our relations have a long history, and solid foundation. We fought together during the Korean War with the United Nations, we worked together during the financial crisis with the IMF, and now we are working with the European Union to build an international order."

The ambassador added that he hopes Belgians and Koreans can together prepare for the future, through innovation and cooperation in academia and technology.
Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.
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