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Remains of 'Big John', largest known triceratops, fetch nearly $8 mln Updated: 2021-10-22 11:26:00 KST

The largest fossilized remains of a triceratops ever discovered by paleontologists was sold Thursday for over 7.7 million US dollars, at a Paris auction.
With the skull alone measuring at 2.62 meters long and 2 meters wide, its nickname 'Big John' is quite fitting.
The remains were discovered in 2014, where the giant creature roamed modern-day South Dakota more than 66 million years ago.
The final price marked a European record for dinosaur remains, but is still dwarfed by a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that was sold for 31.8 million dollars in New York last year.
'Big John' will soon be dismantled in order for it to be transported to the buyer, and will also be re-assembled by a paleontologist.
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