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World News: Putin says Russia can boost gas supplies to Europe when Nord Stream gets approval Updated: 2021-10-22 10:03:06 KST

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Russia can begin supplying natural gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, as soon as it gets the approval from Germany.
This, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, who blamed the gas crisis and the record-high prices on the EU's energy policy.

"The first pipeline of the Nord Stream 2 is full of gas, and if the German regulator gives clearance for supplies tomorrow, supplies of 17.5 billion cubic meters will start the day after tomorrow.

Citing Europe's gas market facing a shortage of 70 billion cubic meters of gas, Putin said the situation arose even though Russia had recently increased its gas exports.
He added that the OPEC-plus group was also increasing output slightly more than initially agreed upon, but not all countries were able to significantly raise production.
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is funded by Kremlin-own energy giant Gazprom and its European partners, and is expected to receive certification from Germany to begin commercial sales of natural gas.
However, watchers say the approval process could take several months.

Over 200 people are reported to have died in floods and landslides in India and Nepal, with warnings of more heavy rain ahead in the region.
Among the casualties so far, Nepal reported over 100 deaths, with at least 41 people still missing after the disaster struck over the week.
While the annual monsoon season spans from the end of June until September, this year's monsoon rains caught the Himalayan nation off guard.
Experts say both India and Nepal were victims of the ever-more unpredictable and extreme weather that has hit South Asia in recent years, due to climate change, deforestation, damming and excessive development.

The largest fossilized remains of a triceratops ever discovered by paleontologists was sold Thursday for over 7.7 million US dollars, at a Paris auction.
With the skull alone measuring at 2.62 meters long and 2 meters wide, its nickname 'Big John' is quite fitting.
The remains were discovered in 2014, where the giant creature roamed modern-day South Dakota more than 66 million years ago.
The final price marked a European record for dinosaur remains, but is still dwarfed by a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that was sold for 31.8 million dollars in New York last year.
'Big John' will soon be dismantled in order for it to be transported to the buyer, and will also be re-assembled by a paleontologist.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.
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