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South Korean army unveils Army TIGER 4.0 combat system Updated: 2021-09-23 19:11:58 KST

The South Korean army has unveiled its latest Army TIGER 4.0 combat system, an advanced version of its 2.5 system.
"Tiger" is not only symbolic of the army, but is also the abbreviation of 'Transformative Innovation of Ground forces Enhanced by the 4th Industrial Revolution technology'.
The technology is being incorporated into the army's command post.

Army TIGER 4.0 signals the future of South Korean ground forces as it aims to be faster, more connected and smarter.
Armored vehicles have become stronger and quicker, and will be accompanied by unmanned artillery that can operate in all conditions, from mountainous areas to rivers.
Artificial intelligence is used extensively, and includes self-destructing drone units that can attack the enemy with fewer casualties.

"Participating in battle wearing the 'warrior platform' under the Army TIGER combat system gives us confidence to fight and win."

With the goal of completing all "Army TIGER 4.0" combat testing by next year, the army plans to deploy this advanced combat training system that integrates drones, robots, AI, mobile vehicles and the warrior platform step by step starting 2022.
Lee Eunjin, Arirang News.
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