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Volcano lava destroys 320 buildings on Spain's La Palma island Updated: 2021-09-23 06:29:35 KST

According to Europe's volcano observatory on Wednesday, the vast wall of molten lava creeping down from the slopes of Spain's La Palma island has destroyed 320 buildings, as well as over 154 hectares of land.
The property damage report was twice that given a day ago by Copernicus, which uses sky radar imagery to monitor the extent of lava coverage.
However, experts believe the scale of damage will rise in the coming hours, as the slow-moving, but unstoppable mass of white-hot rock, continues to slide towards the island's western coast.
They added that if the lava continues to move at the current pace,
it will reach the sea later on Wednesday or possibly Thursday.
When the lava meets the water, it's expected to create an explosive effect.
The eruption on the island of some 85-thousand people was the first in 50 years, forcing 6-thousand people out of their homes, with luckily,.. none reported injured.
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