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Typhoon Chanthu passes by Korea without significant impact Updated: 2021-09-17 17:02:37 KST

According to the Korea Metrological Administration, as of 5 PM, Typhoon Chanthu was about 190 kilometers south-southeast of Busan, moving eastward at a speed of 35 kilometers per hour.
It's packing winds of up to 27 meters per second, or about a 100 kilometers an hour, and is forecast to make landfall overnight in Osaka, Japan.

Busan and other cities in the south were bracing for the storm, but fortunately the typhoon has moved on without any significant impact, and typhoon advisories for the region, including Busan and Ulsan, were lifted as of 5 PM.
But these regions will still see lots of rain overnight with gusts of up to 25 meters per second, or 90 kilometers an hour.
That'll continue until the morning, with a typhoon advisory still in effect for waters off the southeastern coast.

The typhoon came closest to Jeju Island at around 7 this morning, causing several flights to and from Jeju to be canceled while ferries were also grounded.
Torrential rain and gusts overnight downed trees and streetlights, tore away parts of a guard rail and submerged roads and farmland. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported. The Peninsula will be completely out of the typhoon's range overnight with clear skies to welcome the long Chuseok holiday tomorrow.
Kim Cheong-ah, Arirang News.
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