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Yachts to Pilates equipment: convenience stores selling premium gifts during holiday season Updated: 2021-09-18 09:09:19 KST

Pilates equipment, mobile homes and even yachts.
These items might sound too big even for department stores, but now they're being sold at convenience stores.

"We launched some expensive, unique products because there will be people who need personal space due to distancing measures. And actually, THREE mobile homes were sold last Lunar New Year holiday."

These special items are on sale at one convenience store in the 30 days ahead of the holiday.
And another store is selling premium Macallan whiskey, which costs up to almost 7,700 U.S. dollars a bottle.
If a person wants to buy something special, then he or she can browse the brochure displayed in the store.
Then, they pay at the checkout and the item will be delivered to their address.
And, there's another item that's attracting customers during the vacation season.

"As many people are not having family gatherings this Chuseok holiday due to COVID-19, some convenience stores are selling special holiday meals."

"Since restaurants are closed during the holiday, nearby 24-hour convenience stores are selling holiday food. For example, packed lunches, Korean pancakes or Japchae."

Data shows that sales of packed meals increase during the holiday season.
During this year's Lunar New Year holiday, sales of packed meals were 34 percent higher than normal, and frozen food and side dishes also saw sales boosts.
With other places closed, convenience stores are becoming a key part of the holidays.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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