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Expert analysis on modern day frontlines of cybersecurity Updated: 2021-09-10 18:28:17 KST

Twenty years ago, the New York stock exchange had been shut down for more than a week following the nine-eleven terror attacks.
Now with advanced firewall technologies such shuttering has not yet taken place since.
But experts on Wall Street say cyber attacks are still on-going.
Cybersecurity was one of the main topics discussed at a multinational security forum held in South Korea this week the Seoul Defense Dialogue to highlight international efforts to bolster cooperation.
For more on cybersecurity, we invite James Lewis, Senior VP of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
Welcome to the show.

What forms of cyberattacks take place in the modern day? How dangerous are these attacks?

One of the most well-known forms of cyberattacks is ransomware.
The FBI Director says as they were investigating them and found many were traced back to hackers in Russia, and saw 'parallels' between the challenge posed by recent ransomware attacks and 9/11.
What are these parallels?

How do we avoid falling prey to ransomware attacks?

Another recent cyberattack was launched against the U.S.’s largest fuel pipeline in May which had forced a shutdown triggering a spike in gas prices and shortages.
How vulnerable can a country's energy infrastructure be to hacking attacks?

What efforts are being made for set of universal regulations to prevent cyber attacks and crimes?

Alright. That was James Lewis, Senior VP of CSIS. Thank you for your insights.
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