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378 Afghan evacuees in S. Korea to be housed in Jincheon County starting Friday Updated: 2021-08-27 09:19:08 KST

Our top story this lunchtime.
Nearly 400 Afghan evacuees who arrived in South Korea on Thursday will be staying temporarily at a state-run facility in Jincheon county, about 90 kilometers southeast of Seoul.
Our Bae Eun-ji has been at the site since around the time they arrived.
So Eun-ji, you've been there for a while now tell us about the situation.

Well Mark, right behind me is where the Afghan evacuees will be staying, for around 6 weeks.
The evacuees who came to Korea yesterday afternoon will soon arrive here on 15 buses.
According to the Justice ministry, there are 377 of them arriving in Jincheon, one fewer than the total number the foreign ministry had announced yesterday.
Police have been patrolling the outskirts of the facility all morning even before the evacuees got here, and will be here 24/7 to reassure local residents.
Also, 10 healthcare workers and 40 workers from the Justice Ministry will be staying here to help them settle.
The evacuees will be staying here at the National Human Resources Development Institute, a state-run facility in Jincheon County, Chungcheongbukdo Province.
The 6-story building can accommodate up to around 520 people.
Last year, this same facility was used as a quarantine center for Koreans who were evacuated from Wuhan, China at the start of the pandemic.
The Afghan evacuees will be placed under self-quarantine for two weeks here.
And although they were tested for COVID-19 upon arrival, they will have two additional PCR tests during their quarantine period.

It's good to hear that there will be a lot of support to help them settle.
How are local residents there responding to housing Afghan evacuees in their hometown?

Most of the local residents here seem to be welcoming the Afghans staying here in Jincheon.
Especially because they are those who helped with the South Korean mission in Afghanistan, and there are around a hundred young children under the age of 5, these residents are ready to welcome them with open arms.
Residents greeted them by putting up welcome banners at the entrance, with the messages in Korean, English, and Arabic.
One of them read "Welcome to Korea, the country of Freedom and Peace."
But at the same time, there were fears that there might be Taliban members included in the incoming group.
This comes as an Afghan, who was evacuated to France, was recently arrested, suspected of having links to the Taliban.
In response, government officials reassured locals that there is no need to worry, as they have completed the screening process to confirm the identities of the evacuees.
That's all I have for now at this hour.
Back to you, Mark.
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