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90% of elderly and 80% of adults need to be inoculated before country starts living "With Corona" phase: Commissioner Jeong Updated: 2021-08-27 07:32:59 KST

Now, Do-yeon, South Korea has recently been seeing the words, "With Corona" in use, with the phrase pointing to a time when we will have to learn to live with COVID-19.
That would mean an easing of restrictions for citizens to carry on with their lives.
Any details on the timeline yet?

Right, Dami, South Korea's top disease chief says the country can go into the quote-on-quote "With Corona" phase as early as the end of October if the vaccination campaign goes as planned.
First let's take a listen to what she had to say.

"As of now, for changes or adjustments in virus prevention startegies known as "With Corona" to be possible, the vaccination rate has to be at least 70 percent, or for more I think 90 percent of elders and 80 percent of adults need to be inoculated."

The health authorities at the moment are aiming for the end of October to reach those numbers but she also said that other requirements will need to be met.
For example, there has to be no threat of a new variant impacting the spread trend while the medical infrastructure will need to be able to support the changes.
As for a background, "With Corona" is a term coined for a community that will focus on critically ill patients from COVID-19 rather than trying to stop the spread of infections.
Commissioner Jeong added that even if the country is to implement such a change of stance in virus prevention measures many basic social distancing rules will be around including mask-wearing, which would be one of the last rules to be lifted.
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