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South Korea reports 1,841 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday Updated: 2021-08-27 10:03:44 KST

We now turn to the COVID-19 situation
South Korea's overall new caseload has been dipping, but it's still too early to call it a downward trend and with cases still in four digits the number of deaths and critically ill patients are growing.
For more on this, we have our Kim Do-yeon standing by at the News Center.
Do-yeon, what's the number today?

Mark, South Korea reported 1,8-hundred-41 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday of which all but 30 were locally transmitted.
It is a dip, but a small one compared to yesterday's number and the one from last Friday, despite the fact that it's been five days since the heightened restrictions began here.
However, Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum says the restrictions are crucial.

"There have been some concerns and criticisms saying that the government's virus prevention measures have no effect any more. However, considering that other countries with higher vaccination rates are seeing a surge in COVID-19 patients due to the Delta variant, the measures right now that everyone in the country is following definitely have an impact."

He added that it'll take more time to see clear results from the distancing measures and also said that there was a 5.4 percent decrease in movements among citizens compared to last week.
Friday is the 52nd consecutive day with a four-figure daily caseload and one thing to note is the rise in the number of critically ill patients.
At the moment, the authorities said 427 were in a severe condition as of midnight Friday that's a three-fold jump from early last month when the 4th wave began.
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