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Newly opened department store reports COVID-19 cases despite introducing high-tech antivirus measures Updated: 2021-08-24 17:02:37 KST

Department stores have become a virus hotspot in the fourth wave of the pandemic,… prompting some to even shut down for days.
To minimize infections as much as possible, some are bringing in new high-tech antivirus systems.

This is the 'Air Pure Gate'.
When customers enter the building, it blows air to shake off various substances that might carry the virus.

An AI thermal imaging device has also been introduced.
It can measure the body temperatures of all visitors entering at once,… meaning customers don't have to wait in line to get their temperatures checked.

There is also no need to press buttons when using the elevators.

"These elevators have sensors which automatically activate the buttons.
Instead of popping out, the buttons are curved in, so that people can easily place their finger without touching them, minimizing contact."

"I think it's more reassuring than having nothing. Elevator buttons are non-contact, and there are AI devices at the front entrance. I could tell the department store prepared a lot."

However, despite all the measures in place, five employees at the department store still caught COVID-19 only days after it opened.

"The devices will be helpful to a certain extent, but the most important thing is to avoid making crowds. Controlling the number of people who can enter the department store at the same time will also be useful. Shopping and eating areas are not completely separated, so measures should be in place for such areas."

Another expert says that strengthening prevention measures in employee break rooms could also minimize infections,.. as most of the cases at department stores have been breaking out among employees.
There are also concerns that this outbreak could snowball into a bigger cluster infection.
South Korea has already seen several cluster infections linked to department stores, with more than 160 cases confirmed in Seoul in July alone.
Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.
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