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More athletes' dreams shattered at Tokyo 2020 amid alarming virus surge across Japan Updated: 2021-08-05 17:15:41 KST

"Hey guys, welcome. Yesterday I tested positive for COVID, I was about to participate in Taekwondo - now I'm participating in something else."

It's the first news that Dutch Taekwondo athlete Reshmie Oogink, shared from Tokyo.
It was her second Olympics, and she thought, this time, she could, aim for a medal.
But her journey was stopped in its tracks by the virus.

Isolated inside what she called the "Olympic Jail",… she created her own competition the COVID Game using whatever she could find.

"As you know every athlete is testing everyday for today's covid games we are going to use this and throw in that, let's start."

On day 2, using some small traditional Dutch wooden shoes and a laundry bag.

"measure one and a half meter of COVID distance,between you and the basket."

She also made a friend.

"As you can see, I have a new friend called Bob. He was ready to fight, but he also got tested positive, so we will be watching the Games together."

She's managed to laugh it off somehow during the 10-day quarantine.
But it was still "very painful and hard", she said.

In another case, COVID-19 has affected a whole team.
Four athletes from the Greek artistic swimming tested positive, which is first cluster infection at Tokyo 2020.

Altogether, 29 athletes had their dreams shattered by the virus.
And the total number of the Olympics-related cases, now stands at 3-hundred-53.
This comes as Japan on Wednesday logged a record of over 14-thousand new cases nationwide, while Tokyo had a single-day high, of more than 4-thousand.
In a bid to ease the strain on the country's medical system, Japan could expand its state of emergency to eight more prefectures, or even nationwide.
But inside the Olympic Village, the only thing athletes can do,.. is to hope for the bubble to stay, a few days more.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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