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Emerging Blockchain Technology Updated: 2021-07-30 17:10:11 KST

Ground X, the developer of the public blockchain platform Klaytn launched 'Klip Drops,' a mobile-first digital art platform and marketplace, natively integrated into its digital asset wallet, Klip, with the official auctions having started this week.
Klip Drops encompasses the full breadth of digital art and all artworks and goods created by artists will be recorded onto the Klaytn blockchain, to be reinvented as unique, limited-edition pieces of digital art.
Let's talk about it. Joining me live is John Cho, Director of Marketing Communications for Ground X.

How does this technology work for digital assets like photos, videos and audio?

How did Ground X come to work on this, and what are your roadmap and future strategies, leveraging the technology?

The blockchain ecosystem is indeed emerging, with its cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Buying digital assets, not just securities but also art works and other intellectual property, so-called "decentralized collectibles" (i.e. all users collectively retain control) - how is it different from ownership (and copyright) of the actual rightsholder? What are the challenges of blockchain?

Amazon is hiring a digital currency and blockchain expert, so are Apple and Facebook for "alternative payments." How practically will alternative payments play a role in our real life, in other words, how will it transform our daily lives with a social impact?

What else can blockchain disrupt in the current mainstream of technology? What other scalable, user/developer-friendly blockchain-empowered services could we have for next generations?

John Cho, Director of Marketing Communications for Ground X, thanks for speaking with us tonight.
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