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Temperature reaches 36 °C on Wed., highest this year Updated: 2021-07-22 08:48:12 KST

Temperatures hit 36 degrees Celsius in South Korea on Wednesday the hottest so far this year.
Two atmospheric pressure systems have overlapped over the Korean peninsula and have trapped in the heat and humidity to create such high temperatures.

"Up to 5 kilometers up in the middle atmosphere, a North Pacific high pressure system is over Korea. and 11 to 12 kilometers above that, there's a Tibetan high pressure system. With a hot, dry pressure cloaking over the North Pacific high, there's warm air all the way to the high altitudes.

Experts say that the scorching heat could continue throughout this weekend and even reach 38 degrees Celsius.
The forecast temperature borders close to the hottest temperature ever logged in South Korea which was 39.6 degrees in 2018 and 38.four degrees Celsius in 1994.
Preventing heat-related illnesses is of utmost importance during sweltering days like these.
Heat-related illnesses generally start out with acute symptoms of heat exhaustion.
But when they reach the point of heat stroke, they can even lead to death.
According to the Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency, from Mid-May to Mid-July,.. 436 people suffered from heat-related illnesses and 6 people died from heat stroke.

"The usual symptoms are heavy sweating, becoming dizzy, fatigue, a rapid pulse and moist skin with goosebumps, some people go on to have muscle cramps, nausea, and headaches, so these are the most common symptoms."

Frequent rest and hydration are key on days like these.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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