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Kim Jong-un says regime should be ready for both dialogue, confrontation with U.S. Updated: 2021-06-18 07:45:14 KST

North Korea has announced it official strategy and policy direction on the U.S., the first of its kind since President Biden took office.
And it includes both dialogue and confrontation with Washington.
For more on this, we have our North Korean affairs correspondent Kim Dami on the line.
Dami, tell us the details.

Mok-yeon, while calling for efforts to take "stable control" of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said his regime should be ready for both dialogue and confrontation with the U.S.
BUT he stressed the need to be more fully prepared for confrontation.
Like you mentioned, this is the North's first strategy and policy direction since the Biden administration took office in January.
The North's state media reported Friday that Kim made a detailed analysis of the policy tendencies of the new U.S. administration toward the North and clarified the appropriate strategic and tactical counteractions and the direction of activities related to Washington.
Despite the emphasis on confrontation with the U.S., experts hint out that Pyeongyang is taking a more flexible stance on resuming talks with Washingtongiven that the tone was softer than usual, and didn't feature any lashing out at Seoul or Washington.

If the North IS considering returning to dialogue with Washington, when can we actually expect that to happen?

Well, analysts say it is still to early right now to say whether the regime is up for talks with Washington.
That's because internal affairs like improving people's lives are Kim Jong-un's top priority at the moment.
In fact, for the first time, the regime's key party meeting covered child care policy.
The young leader has pledged to provide nutritional products for all children in the reclusive state, acknowledging the regime's previous lack of support for kids.
Thursday's meeting also saw the North indicate that it would play a more active role in international affairs like the U.S.-China tensions.
While the three-day meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party is still ongoing, Pyeongyang is expected to unveil more specific messages toward Seoul and Washington once the meeting comes to an end.
That's all I have. Back to you, Mok-yeon.
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