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South Korean navy sends ship to vaccinate residents of remote islands Updated: 2021-06-15 06:01:48 KST

In waters off Jeollanam-do Province on South Korea's southwest coast where there are many remote islands a naval speedboat is dashing through the waves.
Waiting at the island are not the other crewmembers rather residents.
The navy is here to pick them up for vaccination.
Because vaccination zones can't be set up on remote islands, the health authorities and the navy have set up a special vaccination ship for the residents.

"We would have to go to the mainland for vaccination, but the navy came all the way to vaccinate us so we don't have to. We're busy with our farms, so I thank them very much."

"We have many elders here, so I was wondering how I could take them all the way to the mainland for vaccinations but the navy came. I'm so happy because this helped us Gasado Island residents get vaccinated conveniently and safely."

They will be taken to ROKS Hansando, docked between some of the islands.
The residents will have to get on a smaller boat to reach it.
They also will have to keep their helmets on for safety and it's a bit tougher to get inside.
And there's even a helicopter ready in case of emergency.
The ship is big enough to have more than 400 crewmembers on board, but inside it looks just like any other of the country's vaccination centers.
ROKS Hansando is normally used for naval exercises and has the biggest medical facility on board among all South Korean naval ships.

"Using this vessel, I'm glad we can help the disabled or those who have limited access to medical facilities. We will work hard to make sure it is a success, so citizens can get back to their normal lives sooner."

This vaccination operation will continue until the 30th of June.
Johnson and Johnson's vaccine will be provided as it only requires one dose.
By the end, more than 600 people over the age of 30 will be vaccinated.
As for the inoculation process across the country, more than 11.8 million have received at least a first shot and nearly 3 million have received the second as well.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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