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Biking for Korean Reunification in Berlin: People from 11 Countries Bike, Sing for 'One Korea' Updated: 2021-06-09 15:31:34 KST

A song of sorrow echo throughout a city that was once divided where the infamous Berlin Wall once stood.
A divided Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall. What's now just a chapter in the history books is very much current affairs another part of the world.
Just last week, a group of 20 young people of 11 nationalities including South Korea, Germany, Russia, Iran and Vietnam cycled through the heart of the German capital -- a symbolic 13-kilometer stretch from the Mauerpark, making stops at the South Korean embassy, the North Korean embassy and the Statue of Peace.
They were biking for a cause: for One Korea.

Biking for a Korean reunification in Berlin: joining us live from the German capital is the organizer of this rally, Chaewon Yoo. Chaewon is a graduate school student and author of "Cycling the Silk Road".

So, tell me, Chaewon. What initiated, motivated you to organize this biking for Korean reunification campaign? Tell us about what inspired you to organize this, why you chose the 13 kilometer path that you did and who took part in the event.

I saw you and 19 others who biked with you sing "Arirang Alone" at different stops in Berlin and you sharing sometimes painful history of the two Koreas with those who may not be too familiar with that time period in this part of the world.
What kind of a message did you want to deliver?

I must confess, I was quite moved by seeing you and 19 others cycling, singing Arirang Alone, and chanting One Korea in the middle of Berlin.
What were the reactions from the locales? Did the German people respond in any way? What about when you were in front of the North Korean embassy?

As a student and a writer with deep interest in social issues, what do you think is the most important lesson Korea can learn from fall of the Berlin Wall? How do the average Germans feel about the reunification more than three decades later?

What are your immediate to long term goals and aspirations now?

Chae-won Yoo joining us live from Berlin for us tonight. Thank you for sharing your very special story with us.
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