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Four-day week rolled out in some South Korean offices Updated: 2021-05-18 09:57:01 KST

The four-day week is picking up momentum in South Korea.
Online education platform Eduwill was among the first to adopt the system last year after going through a six-month trial period in 2019.
Now the company is rolling out a four-day week for their entire staff with no cuts to salaries or benefits.
One employee says she feels her life is well-balanced due to the extra day off.

"I like the fact that my life and work are balanced. I don't have to be overwhelmed with work. The fact that I can work while at the same time living my life and thinking about my future is very appealing."

The company says that a 4-day week hasn't hampered output or productivity.
In fact, it has increased job satisfaction and sales.

"Sales rose by about 46 percent last year compared to 2018, before the four-day week was in place. Even when looking at sales for the past three to four years, average annual sales grew by about 26 percent. Also in terms of job satisfaction, we received a high score of 9.8 last year from our employees."

Other companies have also introduced a partial four-day week.
Both Kakao Games and some of SK Group's affiliates have a four-day week every other week,
Woowa Brothers, operator of South Korea's largest food delivery app, is letting its workers take time off every Monday morning.

"I have a new born baby and we have to go for regular check-ups. So, I usually make my appointments Monday morning. If it were not for the 4-and-a-half-day week, I would have to ask for a day off every time."

Many employees prefer a compressed work schedule rather than working 9-to-6, Monday-to-Friday.
In a recent survey of over a thousand workers, 88.3 percent said they would like to work four days and enjoy a three-day weekend.

"But some say that a broad acceptance of a four-day week may be easier said than done."

"The most important thing is whether industries can operate under flexible working hours. But not all can. So, there will be different preferences for a four-day week or a five-day week depending on a company's business model or the nature of their work."

Countries are also looking into trim their workweek on a national level.
Japan is considering granting employees a day off every week, and Spain plans to launch a pilot four-day week as early as this September.
Min Suk-hyen, Arirang News.
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