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Kinis Toy Clinic, where kids' toys come back to life Updated: 2021-05-05 09:09:57 KST

A variety of colorful toys are waiting to get treated.
They each have a note attached to them to tell the special toy doctors what's wrong.

"At Kinis Toy Clinic located in the western city of Incheon, people aged 60 and over are volunteering to fix toys for free allowing children to get more life out of their favorite plaything."

The word "Kinis" is the combination of the words "kid" and "silver," and represents how two different generations can come together using toys.
Now in its tenth year, the clinic has 14 volunteer toy doctors carrying out special repairs.

"I was a professor at university and came here to volunteer after retirement. Kids get very upset when their toys don't work, and while thinking of my own grandchildren, I have decided to fix other kids' toys."

"I worked as a public official for 36 years before retiring. I don't like it when old broken toys cannot be fixed. Kids sending me messages asking me to fix stuff for them - that's my motivation."

Toy hospitals in South Korea are quite rare meaning that repair costs can be quite high.
And so, desperate parents nationwide are hoping to get their kids' favorite toys fixed either by sending them using a courier service or by visiting in person.

"My granddaughter came all the way from Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do Province to fix her toys. The parrot toy won't speak and her car won't go. I heard the doctors have volunteered to do this work. They should be very proud."

The chairman of the organization says that it all began as a simple idea and that he did not expect it to get this far.

"There are lots of parents who can't afford to buy their kids toys. Now that I know how important toys are for children, I am going to continue this work until all children in the country can get their own."

Kinis Toy Clinic fixes more than 10-thousand toys per year all for free.
Some are even donated to orphanages and hospitals so that the children who need toys are able to play with them.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang news, Incheon.
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