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Number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in Korea up to 977 Updated: 2020-02-25 16:12:21 KST

More cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed here in South Korea today - most of them again in the southeastern city of Daegu.
The Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports 144 new COVID-19 positive cases in the country taking the national total to 977.
And new fatalities, as well. The death toll is now at eleven in this country.
With the details, our Hong Yoo is on the line.
Yoo, we have the first case of a foreign patient fatality.

That's right.
Two more deaths were reported Tuesday afternoon, raising the deathtoll in South Korea to eleven.
The most recent death was a 35-year-old man from Mongolia, the first foreigner to die after being confirmed to have COVID-19, but doctors say he died from other health issues and not the virus.
He was suffering from chronic renal failure when he was transferred Monday to a hospital in Goyang, where he was diagnosed.
The other death was a 58-year-old man whose infection has been traced to Cheongdo Daenam Hospital.
The death toll in Korea could rise because two patients are in critical condition and 14 are relying on respirators.
Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases has jumped by 84 since Tuesday morning, raising the total number, as of Tuesday afternoon, to 977.
The majority of the newly cases 67 of them are from the southeastern city of Daegu and the surrounding Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.
Out of all the confirmed cases nationwide, 543 come from Daegu.
And more than half of those cases are connected to members of the religious group 'Shincheonji'.
As the number of cases continues to surge in Daegu, the government will prepare 1,6 hundred more beds for COVID-19 patients by Sunday.

South Korea's health authorities, of course, are working 24-seven to try and contain the virus. What measures are they taking now?

The authorities say they're stepping up efforts to track down the remaining Shincheonji members for a thorough investigation.
The central disaster headquarters of the Korea Centers for Disease Control says it will get their ID numbers, phone numbers and home addresses and conduct tests on all of them.
Tuesday morning, officials from Gyeonggi-do Province had to force their way into a Shincheonji church located in Gwacheon city to conduct an epidemiological investigation.
A person who attends that church had been confirmed to have the virus Monday morning.
From that church, they were able to secure a list of 33-thousand members.
The governor of Gyeonggi-do Province said they could not sit by and wait until the religious group hands in its list of members because now is a crucial time in stopping the outbreak.
The health authorities have urged people who attend Shincheonji churches to stay home.
Back to you.

That's surely a bold move, Yoo - South Korea's decision to test all of the more than 2-hundred-thousand members of the religious sect at the center of a surge in coronavirus cases.
Thanks, Yoo. Our Hong Yoo on the latest in COVID-19 cases here in South Korea.
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