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Signifance of ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit Updated: 2019-11-15 15:21:49 KST

The ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit is just ten days away.
It's going to be the largest multi-national event under the Moon Jae-in administration -- bringing together the heads of state and business leaders from 10 ASEAN member nations.
The South Korean government expects the event to be a midterm review of its signature New Southern Policy.
Tonight we go in-depth into the significance of the event and what to expect with Dr. Chung Hae-moon, former Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre.

The ASEAN-ROK commemorative summit that's to take place later this month is the third of its kind. South Korea is the only country among ASEAN's ten partner nations to host the special summit -- so it's likely based on the achievements seen during the previous installments. What sort of achievements have there been and what diplomatic significance does this have?

It's without a doubt that the Moon Jae-in administration is hoping for a successful event this time round. It's going to be the largest multilateral event under the current government. What significance does this carry for the Moon administration?

ASEAN member nations are among the fastest growing economies in the world -- which makes them great partners for economic cooperation. Can you give us a quick overview of the trade volume between South Korea and ASEAN members?

Japan also has a keen interest in the ASEAN market, already funneling in huge amounts of capital. That said, as South Korea isn't a frontrunner what strategies can it take to maximize its partnership with ASEAN nations or boost its standing?

Recently, members of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership or RCEP reached a provisional agreement to sign a deal in 2020. This is expected to be a mega FTA for the Asia Pacific Region. How will this be a boost for President Moon Jae-in's New Southern Policy -- which aims to cultivate Seoul's relations with ASEAN as key partners and foster new growth drivers?

Following the main commemorative summit,. the inaugural Mekong-ROK summit involving five nations: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam will also be held in Busan. Cooperation between South Korea and those countries started back in 2011, but for the average person it's hard to feel that there's been any significant exchangers. How do you see it?

What discussions do you expect to be be held at the Mekong-ROK summit? What are your prospects of the summits bringing about economic deals?

President Moon said that the series of multilateral meetings will be a midterm review of the administrations' New Southern Policy. Given that he's half-way into his term what's your assessment of the policy? And what sort of achievements will he need to gain at the ASEAN summits?

Thank you for your insights.
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