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Moon focuses on creating fair society and calls on N. Korea to respond during budget speech at National Assembly Updated: 2019-10-22 10:04:23 KST

Earlier today, President Moon Jae-in addressed the National Assembly calling for support in getting next year's budget passed as well as continuing dialogue to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula.
And for more on this speech, our presidential correspondent Shin Se-min is at the top office.
So Se-min, the president focused on many topics but what stood out the most?

A lot to digest but the main focus again, getting that mega-budget for next year through parliament so the government can continue on with its expansionary fiscal policy.
It is President Moon's fourth state-of-the nation address to the National Assembly since taking office three years ago, and today much of his focus was on building a nation that's fair for all.
And President Moon called for all sides of the political aisle to support the government-drawn budget for next year worth 440-billion U.S. dollars, a 9.3 percent increase compared to last year.
One of the major points he brought up during his speech today creating a fair nation through stronger reform measures.

"'Fairness' needs to be newly established not just on economy, but also on society, education and cultural front. Deeply honoring the peoples' demand, I will strongly push ahead with 'reform' for 'fairness.'"

Contrary to the president's previous message when he called on his administration to create a fair and just economy, this time he also asked other parts of society to carry that 'fairness.'
Such a call perhaps, closely linked to the recent social rifts over his pick for the now resigned justice minister, who had faced with heavy criticism over reported privileges and alleged irregularities involving his family members.
And Moon's ultimate message unchanged.
That his administration will use the remainder of its term to create an innovative, embracive, fair nation where all people can prosper.
And all of that, through executing the state-budget at the right time, so again calling for united support on the budget.

Then what about the Korea peace process?
What did the President talk about in this regards, especially in regards to North Korea.

He called for a response from the North.
Referring to what many consider as a deadlock in the denuclearization process with both the North and the U.S. not making any visible actions for weeks now the president said, the relevant parties are facing a critical moment.
Listen to this.

"The Korean Peninsula is facing the last critical moment in reaching lasting peace. It's the wall of denuclearization that we have to overcome. Only dialogue can tear down that wall."

He added that the nation and the relevant parties of the nuclear talks must do all they can for peace through dialogue.
This is where the president is perhaps sending a message to both Kim and Trump to drive up the speed in the denuclearization talks and mind you they haven't been in contact yet since February this year.
Moving forward, the president said North Korea's bright future only can be possible on the foundation of a virtuous cycle of peace and economic cooperation and called on Pyeongyang for its response.
That's all for me at the hour and Ji-yoon over to you.
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