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Hong Kong protests continue for 15th straight week Updated: 2019-09-16 11:48:45 KST

The protests on Sunday saw more violent, fiery clashes with police.
Hong Kong police did not allow any protests or rallies but that didn't stop tens of thousands of demonstrators from marching for greater democracy.
Hong Kong police fired a water cannon and rounds of tear gas at protesters as demonstrators threw petrol bombs, set fire to a subway station and trashed a subway station near the Legislative Council complex.
They also burned a Chinese flag and a placard celebrating China's 70th National Day.
Pro-Beijing protesters also took to the streets, waving Chinese flags and eventually clashing with pro-democracy protesters.
Hong Kong media reported 20 people were arrested all of whom were pro-democracy protesters.
The protesters also sought international support.
Singing "God Save the Queen" and waving Union Jack flags outside the British Consulate, protesters demanded that London ensures Beijing honors its commitments to Hong Kong's freedoms.
A group of protesters also urged U.S. President Trump to liberate Hong Kong.
A placard of flags of South Korea and the G7 countries also appeared to show appreciation for their support.
Demonstrations now focus on five demands including greater democratic freedoms and an independent inquiry into allegations of police brutality.
KIM Da-mi, Arirang News.
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