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Iran should not mistake restraint for lack of resolve; all options remain on table: Pence Updated: 2019-06-24 17:17:00 KST

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has said that President Trump showed admirable caution in refusing to proceed with a military strike on Iran after learning that it could kill at least 150 people.
Speaking at an interview with CNN on Sunday, Pence said that President Trump demonstrated the value of "restraint", stressing that Iran should not mistake it for "lack of resolve".

The U.S. President called off the strike which he said was "not proportionate" as a response to Iran's shooting down of a U.S. military drone last Thursday.
Though Vice President Pence claimed that the door remains open for dialogue with Iran, he warned that all options are still on the table.

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton also warned that Iran shouldn't mistake
Washington's prudence and discretion for weakness, adding that the U.S. will never allow Tehran to obtain a nuclear weapon nor allow it to continue to sow violence across the region.
He warned that Washington will announce new sanctions against Tehran on Monday.

"… the president said: 'I just stopped the strike from going forward at this time'. We expect that the new sanctions President Trump referred to in preparation for some weeks will be announced publicly on Monday, stay tuned."

On the same day, the deputy speaker of the Iranian parliament made stern remarks, claiming that Iran will not surrender to U.S. threats that easily.

"Our country will not easily bow its head in front of them, and we are standing tall. America and its gang should know that our Iran will not surrender to their threats that easily and we will stand and resist as long as we live"

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also tweeted Sunday, that another U.S. drone had breached Iranian airspace in late May despite several warnings.
He said that an MQ-9 reconnaissance aircraft, which is also capable of conducting air strikes, violated Iran's airspace.

Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang news.
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