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Xi Jinping to become 4th Chinese president to visit North Korea Updated: 2019-06-18 16:29:20 KST

Xi Jinping's visit to North Korea will be the first time in 14 years that a Chinese President will be visiting the North.

The first-ever Chinese president to visit North Korea was Liu Shaoqi in 1963. Four years after coming into office, Liu made a 13-day visit, where he met North Korea's founding leader Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-un's grandfather.
He mostly went to see cultural performances and some rural areas.

The next visit was a 3-day trip by Jiang Zemin in 2001.
He had previously visited North Korea as the Chairman of the Central Military Commission in 1990.
And during his visit as president, Jiang held a meeting with Kim Jong-un's father, Kim Jong-il and an expanded meeting with other officials.

Hu Jintao was the most recent Chinese president to have visited North Korea.
In 2005, he held talks with Kim Jong-il, where they signed an agreement on economic and technological cooperation between the two sides.

But Xi Jinping's upcoming trip will be the shortest one of all, as he is staying in North Korea for just two days.
Watchers say this comes as Xi scheduled his visit in an effort to use it as a card to fight against China's unfavorable situation in its trade war with the U.S. and in passing the extradition bill in Hong Kong.

But this is not the first time Xi will be visiting North Korea.
In 2008, Xi had visited Pyeongyang for three days as the Vice President of China as part of his five-nation tour.
Then, he had an expanded meeting with Kim Jong-il, where Xi promoted the six-party talks and expressed China's willingness to strengthen the exchange of opinions and cooperation with the North.
Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.
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