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S. Korean authorities continue search to find missing 3 victims of Danube sinking Updated: 2019-06-13 16:40:10 KST

It has been two weeks since a tourist boat carrying mostly South Korean passengers sank in the Danube river in Hungary.
Seven were rescued, 25 have been confirmed dead as of Thursday, and authorities are desperately searching for three remaining missing passengers.
We have our Oh Soo-young on the line to provide us with the details.
Sooyoung, I believe South Korean authorities have started searching inside the vessel for the first time after it was salvaged earlier this week.

That's right. Authorities started searching inside the tourist boat on Thursday morning local time.
The operation was supposed to start the day before, but it was stopped by Hungarian authorities due to unfinished legal procedures regarding the preservation of the boat.
An earlier search inside the vessel conducted by Hungarian police on Wednesday failed to discover any additional bodies.
In the meantime, the two sides are continuing their search along the Danube.

"The highest probability is that the bodies fell out of the ship during the crash, so if the bodies are not inside the ship then they must be in the water somewhere.
On the whole territory of the river the Hungarian police is doing a huge job, everyone is out on the water searching. The Minister of Interior yesterday doubled these forces and so the chance to find these bodies has grown."

Rescuers found an additional victim on Wednesday evening local time, and we hear the body has now been identified.
Yes, Seoul's foreign ministry says that victim in question was a South Korean man in his sixties who was a tourist on the boat.

At around 6PM local time on Wednesday, his remains were discovered 110 kilometers downstream from the accident near the town of Bolcske .
This brings the official death toll to 25, of that number 23 have been confirmed as South Korean tourists and the other two as Hungarian crew members.
Only seven people survived the fatal crash and the three passengers who are still missing are presumed to be dead.

What about the captain of the larger cruise ship who has been arrested on charges of causing the collision that lead to the tourist boat sinking? He was released on bail on Wednesday.

That's right. A Hungarian court has maintained its decision to release the Ukrainian captain of the large cruise ship, turning down the prosecution's appeal on its earlier ruling.
Bail was set at 53-thousand U.S. dollars.
The captain, who has only been identified as 64-year-old Yuriy C, was arrested earlier this month, on the suspicion of criminal misconduct, as his ship slammed into the side of the tourist boat, causing it to sink.

The court ordered him to undergo police questioning twice a week and to wear an electronic tracking device so he cannot leave Budapest.
The captain's legal team has said he is devastated by the incident, but still denies any wrongdoing.
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