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President Moon delivers peace speech at Oslo Forum, on one-day anniversary of Kim-Trump summit Updated: 2019-06-12 16:50:07 KST

President Moon Jae-in is in Norway, on the second leg of his three-nation Northern European tour.
The president is giving a speech in Oslo, to speak about peace on the Korean Peninsula.
We have our Park Hee-jun on the line with the details.

This is perhaps the most anticipated event of President Moon's three-day trip to Norway.
Especially because today marks the one-year anniversary of the historic summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore.

The speech was scheduled to begin at noon, local time, that makes it 7PM Korea time, so just a couple of minutes ago.
He's addressing the Norwegian King, government officials, students and the people, at the Oslo Forum taking place at the University of Oslo.
A Blue House official told reporters earlier, that the speech will focus on 'peace for the people'.

Norway is well known for its welfare policies, gender equality and innovation, but it's probably best known for being the country that awards the Nobel Peace Prize.
Late former president Kim Dae-jung received the prize in 2000, recognized for his 'sunshine policy' toward North Korea.

And as it's also well-known, that establishing permanent, lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula is a key vision being pushed by President Moon and his administration.
The South Korean president is likely to reaffirm his determination to continue on the journey to achieving this goal.

President Trump revealed earlier today, that he received a letter from Kim Jong-un. Is that likely to affect President Moon's address?

Trump's announcement came less than a day ago, so it's difficult to say how much of it will be reflected in today's address.
Rather, attention is being paid to whether the president will lay out a new vision as he did in Berlin two years ago.

During a trip to Germany in July 2017, President Moon explicitly said he was willing to meet Chairman Kim, and that opened a fresh chapter of renewed inter-Korean relations.
It led to the North participating in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and also helped lay the groundwork for the first Kim-Trump summit.
But this year, the number of exchanges has seen a significant drop compared to 2018.

Today, the president could again lay out a roadmap, aiming to restore the denuclearization talks between Pyeongyang and Washington, as well as revive stalled inter-Korean relations.
And the president is likely to ask for continued support from Norway, and also from other Northern European nations.

President Moon has been optimistic that the two Koreas will be able to resume talks soon.
He will be taking questions after his speech, so we may be able to get a better insight into his thoughts on the recent developments.
And we'll also have to keep an eye out for his National Assembly speech in Sweden, scheduled to take place this Friday.

We'll keep you updated.
Back to you guys.
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