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Closer look at unique shopping culture in South Korea Updated: 2019-06-05 13:10:30 KST

Traditional markets are one of the best places to experience Korean cuisine and culture.
One famous traditional market in Korea is Tongin market in Jongno-gu District.
This market offers a unique experience using Yeopjeon, which are brass coins that were used until the 1900s, the final years of the Joseon dynasty.
Tongin market lets customers buy the Yeopjeon coins and create their own customized lunch box by shopping for side dishes around the market.

The manager of the cafe explained how the system was created.

"We were thinking of how to make the most out of the good infrastructure of the marketplace, and decided to promote market food.
Then we thought of a special idea that has historical significance and that could be recyclable and that's how we started using these brass coins."

Tourists visiting the market said that it was a good opportunity to learn more about Korea.

"It's amazing we can find a lot of traditional food and everything is delicious."

"Today we had an experience to visit a new place here and to have a Korean meal to better experience Korean life and it was fantastic for us."

"Aside from traditional markets, Korea is also known for its underground shopping areas.
These are often connected to subway stations, making them convenient places for citizens and tourists to shop for goods at reasonable prices."

One of the biggest underground shopping areas in Seoul, Goto mall, is connected to Seoul's subway lines 3, 7 and 9, and its main bus terminal.
More than 600 small shops line two long corridors. Many locals visit the mall, but its also gaining popularity with tourists.

"Today is my last day in Korea and I came here to shop. The products are very cute and good quality."

"I knew this place since long time ago and I'm coming regularly because there is a huge choice and you can find many things and the price is good."

Night markets provide another fun shopping experience in Korea.
One famous night market is the Bamdokkaebi night market, which features some 190 food trucks and 360 handicraft stalls.
Visitors can also enjoy art classes for children and movie picnics.
The night market is being held around six different areas across Seoul such as Banpo Hangang Park and Dongdaemun Design Plaza until late October.

Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.
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