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Korea and Hungary to start dives to salvage sunken tourist boat Updated: 2019-06-03 19:04:12 KST

We’ve entered the sixth day since the sinking of a cruise boat in Budapest that carried 35 passengers, most of whom were South Koreans.
Kim Hye-sung has the latest developments.

Daniel, one body likely from the boat that sank last Wednesday in the Danube after being hit by a larger cruise ship has been found.
According to the Hungarian police, the body is believed to be a Korean male in his mid-50s, and was found around 102 kilometers from where the boat sank.
If confirmed, out of 35 passengers, that will raise the number of South Koreans confirmed dead from seven to eight. 20 missing, seven rescued.
According to the Hungarian press just a few hours ago, four other bodies have been found around the river.

But the Hungarian police said that is not true.
Another development is that Hungarian and Korean divers conducted joint underwater searches, or exploratory dives, for the first time since the accident took place to see if search operations will be possible ahead of attempts to recover the bodies.

2. It must be a difficult time for the families of the victims. I heard a joint press meeting was held today, what has been announced?

The Korean and Hungarian governments will work together, and divers from both countries, two from each, will jointly enter the water starting Wednesday in an effort raise the boat that will continue through Sunday at the latest.
They will use GPS and other equipment to set their dive locations, and they have a crane that can carry up to 200 tons. .
Take a listen to the director general of the Hungarian Counter Terrorism Center.

"Our mission is to raise the sunken boat back to the surface as fast as possible. Entering the boat (underwater) is in itself a very big risk, and we have notified the Korean side of that fact."

This does stand in contrast to the Korean government's stance, who called for entering of the boat.
The director general said, due to rain and floods, a strong current made it difficult and dangerous for divers to do any kind of work last week and that though river's speed is slightly slower, it is still very hard for divers to move in.
The Hungarian authorities added that the wreckage is now nine meters underwater.
So going forward, the weather, and cooperation between Korea and Hungary will be important to finding the bodies and lifting up the boat.
That's all I have for now, back to you Daniel.
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