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South Korea develops drone that flies and submerges under water Updated: 2018-10-04 10:04:07 KST

Researchers at the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology have developed a drone that can conduct both air and water search and rescue operations.

The new drone is equipped with flying and submerging featuresadding extra mobility on the drones while narrowing limits in terms of their search missions.

According to the team, a tiny submersible motor is embedded into each mobile gadgets.
That is the core technology enabling the drones to carry out their duties under water.
The engine manipulates the drone's buoyancy, allowing it to sink up to three meters below the surface.
It can also propel at a speed of 40 kilometers per hourmaking it handy in missions carried out in rivers and sea.

"Mobility is the biggest strength of the drone. They can get anywhere very quickly. Also, they dive into waters and provide a visual right away,so they are built to be used in all sorts of conditions."

Researchers say their drones are one of the most advanced in the industry, but they are already thinking on possible improvements, such as a camera that can calculate the growth rate of algae as well as levels of contamination.

Cho Sung-min, arirang news.
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