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Dusty in some parts, sunny skies with milder highs Updated: 2018-04-17 12:12:44 KST

Good afternoon. Much of Korea is set to be bathed in sunshine again, along with mild daily highs. Over the East Sea, Tokyo will see some light rain in the afternoon.

A high-pressure ridge in the west will lead to sunny skies for most parts, with highs reaching 20 degrees Celsius, while Gyeongju rises to 19 degrees.
However, those of us in the capital area and Chungcheong-do provinces are likely to see dusty conditions for most of the day while the rest of the country should have normal air.

Wide fluctuations in temperatures will continue under mostly sunny skies for the remainder of the week.

With that, let's take a look at the international weather for viewers around the world.

Most of South Korea can expect to bask in spring sunshine, while most of North Korea will have plenty of sunshine with mild highs as well.

As for the rest of Asia, most of Thailand, including Bangkok, will be hit by powerful tropical storms this week. Heavy rain and hail are expected until Wednesday.

The southern states of Australia have been experiencing unseasonably hot weather this autumn. Rain in Sydney on Tuesday will bring with it some cooler air.

Heading to North America, New York received nearly 3 inches of rain Monday morning, and commuters saw some subway stations flooding.

As for South America, other than Bogota most major cities will be under mostly sunny skies.

Taking you to Europe, Britain is set to be greeted with warm temperatures as a band of heat from north Africa heads for the country.

Lastly to Africa, Cairo will be sizzling hot into Wednesday with an expected high of 36 degrees.

That's the weather update for now.

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