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Second half of 21st National Assembly finally kick starts following last-minute agreement between lawmakers Updated: 2022-07-05 05:23:55 KST

The National Assembly finally looks set to resume with a new group of speakers elected.
But it will still take some time for urgent bills to be passed as rival parties can't agree on ways to share standing committees.
Lee Kyung-eun brings the updates.

Lawmakers have elected five-term legislator and former deputy Prime Minister Kim Jin-pyo as South Korea's new parliamentary speaker.
It paves the way for the much-delayed start of the second half of the 21st National Assembly.

"While working for the government, I was known as "Mister Tuner". What I ask of you all is to be good communicators and to compromise. I will be a speaker who is good at moderating."

This comes after the People Power Party and the main opposition Democratic Party reached a last-minute compromise to convene a provisional plenary session following a month-long dispute over how to share standing committees for the next two years.
And their agreement was to deal with that very issue after electing new speakers first.

"We requested the Democratic Party appoint heads of the standing committees with bipartisan agreement in exchange for our party cooperating with in electing the speaker and vice speaker."

"We accept the proposal. I appreciate the People Power Party's decision to cooperate in electing the speaker. And I hope the two parties can also work together to swiftly form standing committees."

While forming a total of 18 committees the fiercest debate is expected to be on the Judiciary Committee.
That functions as the upper house in South Korea and serves as the final gate before bills are put up for vote.
The DP in exchange for giving control of the Judiciary Committee to PPP is calling for cooperation in launching a special committee to set up a special investigative body.
That's a follow-up measure to the latest law which the DP pushed through on its own using its majority power aimed at stripping the investigative rights of the prosecution.
The PPP which had boycotted the passage of the bill in the first place rejects that.
Instead, its proposing that thecommittees membership be equally shared by the two parties under the chairmanship of the PPP.

"The National Assembly is currently facing mounting pressure to quickly pass bills aimed taming inflation like increasing fuel tax cuts.
The sooner the standing committees are formed the sooner those bills can be passed.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News. "
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