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U.S.-Russia military, diplomatic tensions: Analysis Updated: 2022-01-26 17:11:57 KST

Amid a build up of Russian troops near Ukraine diplomatic tensions are heightening.
U.S. President Joe Biden says he would consider imposing sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin if Moscow attacks Kiev.
For a deeper analysis, we have International Studies Professor Kim Jae-chun from Sogang University.
Professor Kim, thanks for joining us.

Biden has signaled imposing sanctions on Putin if there's an invasion into Ukraine.
Diplomatically, it's very unusual. What do you read into this?

Some 85-hundred U.S. troops have been put on high alert for a possible deployment to Eastern Europe, but not Ukraine, according to Biden.
Is this just for deterrence or a show of power or should the world really be concerned about a possible armed conflict?

The U.S. has ordered non-essential embassy staff and citizens to leave Ukraine while asking its people not to travel to Russia.
Russia says it's not going to attack Ukraine, but the U.S. actions seem to be telling something different?

Is there also the possibility that Moscow launches retaliatory actions like weaponizing its crude oil or natural gas against U.S. allies in Europe?

Can this issue be resolved through diplomatic means?

Professor Kim Jae-chun from Sogang University. Many thanks for your insights.
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