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World News: Significant damage reported on Tonga following volcanic eruption and tsunami Updated: 2022-01-18 17:11:21 KST

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A thick layer of ashes covering the entire island.
A whole village destroyed and other buildings missing on the smaller outer islands of Tonga.
This catastrophe came after a volcano eruption in the Southern Pacific Ocean on Saturday.
The New Zealand High Commission reported on Tuesday that the eruption and tsunami caused significant damage to Tonga's main island Tongatapu and the waterfront of the capital Nuku’alofa where many vacation resorts are located.

British national Angela Glover was found dead after the tsunami. She was reportedly trying to rescue the dogs she looked after at a rescue shelter.
No official deaths or injuries have been reported yet as the main undersea communications cable has been disconnected since the eruption.
The Tonga government said the country is trying to restore its communications with the smaller islands as a matter of priority.

Major Canadian cities saw massive snow storms, dumping several centimeters of snow on Monday.
An extreme weather warning is in effect for much of southeastern Canada, with Toronto forecast to receive as much as 60 centimeters of snow.
The snow storm has caused more than a third of flights to be canceled at Toronto Pearson airport, Canada's busiest.
With Ottawa also seeing more than 40 centimeters of snow, snow removal crews say it'll take days before roads are fully cleared.

This black diamond is literally from outer space.
Dubbed 'The Enigma' it is the largest diamond in the world.
It was unveiled on Monday by auction house Sotheby's Dubai.
Experts saythe 555.55-carat diamond is likely at least 1-billion years old.
It will be auctioned off in London in February, where it is expected to fetch around 6 million U.S dollars.
The auction house will also be accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.
Black diamonds are formed out of a meteoric impact and found naturally only in Brazil and Central Africa.
Lee Raehyun, Arirang News.
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