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Pres. Moon to attend emergency COVID-19 response meeting; 3,901 cases reported Friday Updated: 2021-11-26 17:00:27 KST

South Korea's daily COVID-19 tally remained below 4-thousand on Friday, at 3-thousand 9-hundred-and-one new cases.
However, the country's daily tallies of critically-ill patients are breaking record after record.
An all-time high was recorded again on Friday at 6-hundred 17.
Nationwide, 84.5 percent of hospital beds for critically-ill patients are occupied.
The occupancy rate is even higher in the capital, at 86.4 percent.
The number of patients waiting for hospital beds has exceeded 1-thousand in the capital region with more than 1-thousand 3-hundred on the waiting list as of Friday.
The majority of those are considered high risk.

Meanwhile, authorities have confirmed some re-infected cases of COVID-19
cases that are confirmed again three months after recovery.
Out of 138 suspected cases, 20 have been classified as re-infections.
There's also a total of four breakthrough infections nationwide,.. reported among those who got booster shots.

Against such a backdrop, President Moon Jae-in will on Monday preside over a special meeting on the nation's pandemic response.
Moon will evaluate the country's gradual shift back to normal life, amid increasing infections among older adults.
He will also address issues related to the current medical system, a booster vaccination drive, as well as anti-virus measures.

Meanwhile, officials are currently planning on making vaccine passes valid for only around 6 months after full vaccination.
Also on the agenda is the expansion of the vaccine pass mandates for those under 18.
Talks on making vaccine passes compulsory at restaurants and cafes, as well as reducing numbers for social gatherings are also thought to have taken place.
Watchers say the delay comes as authorities are facing strong opposition from small business owners.

In light of increasing breakthrough infections, officials are asking older adults to get booster shots.

"Receiving booster shots is not one's choice. It's compulsory. We strongly advise those who are eligible to quickly get the additional shots."

Authorities are aiming to complete booster vaccinations for those aged 60 and above by the end of this year.
Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.
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