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Health authorities in S. Korea concerned over infections among people aged 60 and over Updated: 2021-11-03 05:41:50 KST

We begin with current COVID-19 situation in South Korea.
As the country makes a gradual transition to 'Living with COVID-19,' the country's health authorities are worried about a potential uptick in cases following the Halloween weekend.

Yes, the authorities are also concerned about a recent rise of infections among older people, even though they have completed their vaccinations.
For more, we have our Choi Won-jong in studio. Welcome back.


Let's start with the current daily death toll right now I believe the figure has been hovering in the 20s for a few days now, and one in four people who have died were actually fully vaccinated. Is that right?

That is unfortunately right.
In the past 5 weeks ONE in FOUR people who have passed away due to COVID-19 were fully vaccinated.
In that period authorities reported 3-hundred 89 deaths with 95 people fully vaccinated.. MEANING the recent rise in infections could increase the number of deaths.

What is the reason behind the rising death toll despite the high vaccination rate?

Well, the authorities said it's because more infections have been reported among people above the age of 60.
Many people in their 60s , used to or have underlying conditions which increases the chances of them becoming severely-ill from Covid or dying later on.

How much increase are we talking about?

Okay let's dive deep into this.
According to reports on Tuesday from October 24th to 30th 4-hundred 20 cases that week were people aged over 60.
That's an 18.3 percent increase from the previous week.
This is the first time that over 400 cases involving people in this age group were reported.

Right, aren't most of them fully vaccinated though?

Correct. I believe more than 91 percent of that age group have been fully vaccinated.
These infections are breakthrough cases and according to the reports those cases are being reported from nursing homes and hospitals.
That being said, so-called booster shots additional vaccine doses should be administered as soon as possible as it appears that the effectiveness of vaccines for these elders who were vaccinated early in the vaccination campaign has decreased a lot over time.
Health authorities have decided to provide extra shots for medical workers first beginning October 12th and will start gradually begin giving boosters to those who passed 6 months as fully vaccinated.
And, local medical centers will give booster shots on designated days to prevent vaccines from being wasted starting in November.
Medical centers will choose their own schedules for boosters so if the designated days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the centers will vaccinate only on those days and not on the rest of the week.

Shifting gears Won-jong, fill us in on the forecast for today's daily caseload.

Today's caseload is going to be much higher than yesterday usually as you know, figures on Wednesday are higher than Monday or Tuesday.
From midnight to 9 PM Tuesday 2-thousand 274 cases were reported 9-hundred 51 more than the same time on the previous day.
So, today, unfortunately the daily caseload will be around 25-hundred.
Seoul ALONE reported nearly ONE thousand 4-hundred 22 more than yesterday.
Health authorities said earlier this week that the impact of the Halloween weekend might take a week or so before becoming evident.

Thank you Won-jong as always.

Thank you.

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