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Former President Roh's funeral officially starts as people pay respect to the controversial figure Updated: 2021-10-27 08:11:04 KST

The former president's funeral began a short time ago and we are expecting some familiar faces throughout the day.
Kim Do-yeon is standing by at the funeral home.
Do-yeon, describe the scene there this morning?

Mark, I'm at Seoul National University Hospital where Roh died and the funeral home has just opened a room for people to pay their respects.
It's been bustling with media since early morning as we're expecting some well-known figures to visit throughout the day despite the former president's legacy being mixed and controversial.
Just moments ago, we saw Roh's daughter walk in.
SK Chairman Chey Tae-won who is Roh's son-in-law regardless of the ongoing personal situation is expected visit.
As for his deaththe former president, as you mentioned was 88.
According to the hospital, Roh died at Tuesday at 1-46 PM in the emergency care center.
Recently, a team from this hospital was sent to his home to provide treatment.
He was diagnosed with hypoxia and low blood pressure the day before yesterday and was admitted to the emergency room an hour before his death.

And walk us through the funeral proceedings.
He is a former president so are we expecting a state funeral?

Mark, according to the books he does qualify for a state funeral, but that will be a decision that will have to be made during a cabinet meeting.
Keep in mind he is, without a doubt, a figure that the general public might not welcome being interred in the National Ceremony.
In addition, last night, the bereaved family said in a statement he wished for a small funeral in accordance with the law.
The family is currently in talks with the administration.
That also raises a question on his burial site former presidents are laid to rest at the National Cemetery but his criminal records revoke his qualifications.
In his will, he said that he wanted to be buried at the Unification Park in the City of Paju wishing that the generation to come achieves peaceful unification between the South and North Koreas.
The family is working things out with the city as the site may not be eligible for any type of burial.
An official statement will be released later today which should give us the further plans regarding funeral proceedings.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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