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S. Korea to report near 2,000 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday Updated: 2021-10-27 05:40:13 KST

We start with the latest on the coronavirus situation in South Korea.
South Korea is seeing an uptick in the number of new infections as we get head further into the week.
With an easing of restrictions ahead, it seems some people might be feeling complacent.
For more on this and other COVID updates,.. we have our reporter Choi Min-jung in the studio, good morning, Min-jung.

Good morning.

Let's start with the daily figure forecast for Wednesday. What are the authorities estimating?

Yes, we're expected to see a big jump in the number of cases for Wednesday.

More than 1,800 cases were confirmed from midnight to 9 P.M. yesterday.
So today's tally will most likely be around 2-thousand.
The weekend effect has officially come into play, as cases usually begin to increase from Wednesday.
But what's also attributing to the rise is, people becoming more complacent as we get closer to next week's easing of restrictions.

Speaking of next week, people will need to show their "vaccine pass" to enter facilities with a relatively high risk of infection,.. such as fitness centers and singing rooms. What happens to those who have not received a jab?

Well, for those who haven't been vaccinated, they will need a negative PCR test.

This also applies to those who have only received the first dose of a two dose vaccine, like Pfizer's or Moderna's.
Fully vaccinated people will also need a negative PCR test, if two weeks have not yet passed since their last shot.
They must remember that they should get tested a maximum of 48 hours ahead of using the facilities.

Regarding PCR tests, authorities are expecting a spike in the number of people getting tested as cases are expected to rise with many restrictions lifted.
To prevent an overload, they are considering charging for PCR tests needed to enter high-risk facilities.
But for the time being, the tests will remain free of charge.

Besides this, there was also confusion as to whether or not a "vaccine pass" is needed to enter hospitals.
The authorities yesterday clarified that people will NOT need it when going to see the doctor.
However, "vaccine passes" will be mandatory for those visiting or looking after patients.

That's the situation in South Korea. Give us some updates on international travel.

Right, so the U.S. this month bumped up its travel advisory for South Korea to level three.

This level means that people visiting from the U.S.,.. should reconsider travel to South Korea.
This second toughest level in the scheme indicates that there is a high-level of COVID-19 in the country.
The level was bumped up from level one to level two in August, when the pandemic worsened in South Korea.

For South Koreans entering the States, they will now need a "vaccine pass".
Currently only negative test results are required.
However, the measures have been strengthened as the U.S. will only allow fully vaccinated people, with a negative PCR test, to enter the country starting November 8th.

Meanwhile, the WHO emergency committee insists that countries should not require proof of vaccination as the only condition for international travel.
They recommend making changes to testing or quarantine measures instead as many countries do not have equal access to vaccines.

We're also hearing that more vaccines produced here in South Korea will be distributed this week. Tell us more on that.

Right, Moderna vaccines produced by Samsung Biologics will be distributed in the coming days.

Some 2.4 million doses will be used in the country to vaccinate people in the fourth quarter.
Up until now, Moderna vaccines administered in Korea were manufactured overseas, such as in the U.S. and Europe.
This is the second domestically produced COVID-19 vaccine given to Koreans, after AstraZeneca's vaccine, produced by SK bioscience, was distributed in February.
South Korea is solidifying its position as a global vaccine hub, as Samsung Biologics plans on delivering Moderna's vaccine across the globe as well.

Thank you Min-jung for your report. I'll see you again for our newscast at noon.

Thank you.
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