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Vaccination rates pick up speed in S. Korea Updated: 2021-10-14 11:03:13 KST

Prospects on the local vaccination front are looking quite bright with authorities FORECASTING their goal of FULLY INOCULATING 70-percent of the population may be ACHIEVED SOONER than EXPECTED.
I have Shin Ye-eun with me now.
Ye-eun welcome.

Good afternoon.

So Ye-eun where do we stand with regard to the rate of those who have been fully inoculated?

Sunny, as of this Wednesday, 60.8 percent of the population have now been fully vaccinated, meaning at least two weeks have passed since they received their second jabs, or a single-dose Janssen vaccine.
Vaccination rates have really picked up pace since July, when only 10 percent of the nation's people were fully inoculated.
But in just three months, the total number of fully-vaccinated people has jumped around six-fold.

And given the current vaccination pace I hear Korea will see 70-percent of its people protected against the pandemic within a fortnight?

You're absolutely right.
Authorities believe that if vaccinations continue at the current pace, then the country could reach a vaccination rate of 70 percent within the next two weeks.
Take a listen.

"We expect vaccination rates to surpass 70 percent in the week of October 25th. We'll do our best to reach this rate even sooner."

Although Korea would be crossing the 70 percent vaccination mark much quicker than expected, authorities are still trying to speed up the process.
Because they want to start GRADUALLY easing restrictions in November.
So on Friday, authorities will announce what many believe could be their last social distancing measures before the government embarks on its pandemic exit strategy.
These measures take effect on Monday, and will most likely last for two weeks.
Many are expecting current measures to be maintained for the most part, along with new vaccine incentives.

Also on the subject of vaccinations.
Children here are now eligible for their flu shots.
Tell us more.

That's right. Starting today, babies aged six months to 13 year old children can now receive their flu shots.
That's around 5.5 million children in the country, who only require one dose, unless they've never been previously vaccinated.
Also on this Thursday, seniors above 65 can book their flu shots, either online or by phone.
Registration will open at 8 pm tonight, and the shots will be given out from October 21st.

And what are some precautions for parents ahead of their children's seasonal flu shots?

Like any other vaccine, they should be aware of their child's allergies.
Because children with egg allergies can receive a special type of flu vaccine, as long as they present a letter or written diagnosis from a doctor in advance.
Another fact worth noting is that it's okay to get the flu shot right after or before getting a COVID-19 vaccine, as noted by many experts.

All right then thank you for now but as always Ye-eun do stay for the extended talk with Soa.
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