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Gyeonggi-do Province governor Lee Jae-myung nominated as Ruling DP's presidential candidate Updated: 2021-10-12 04:13:43 KST

Gyeonggi-do Province governor Lee Jae-myung has been nominated as presidential candidate for the ruling Democratic Party.
Lee won the last regional primary held in Seoul on Sunday.
Governor Lee won 51.45 percent of votes by party members, continuing his dominant lead from the previous primaries.
Former Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon, came in second. at 36.5 percent.

Also released on Sunday were the final round of online votes open to the general public.
Lee Nak-yon won 62.37 percent of the votes and was able to dramatically narrow the gap with front-runner Lee Jae-myung.. but still fell short.

That's because, governor Lee Jae-myung had won all of the previous regional primaries except for one, as well as two rounds of public vote, totaling his votes to 50.29 percent over 10 percentage points more than the runner-up's.
During an acceptance speech, the DP's presidential hopeful called for party cooperation heading into the actual race.and vowed to become the "president for all" if elected.

“I will make a country of a great integration where all political blocs and regions enjoy equal opportunities without dividing groups among them.”

Shortly after the announcement, Lee Nak-yon's camp announced that it has decided to appeal against the party's election committee results.
It argued that the votes cast for two candidates who withdrew should be counted toward the total votes.
That would effectively push Lee Jae-myung's percentage below the majority. sending the race into a runoff.
But DP chairman Song Young-gil on Monday said that the party has confirmed the nomination.
The DP is the first major party to choose its candidate ahead of next year's Presidential Election.
It will soon be followed by the main opposition People Power Party on November 5th.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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