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GROWING TWINDEMIC FEARS Updated: 2021-10-07 12:13:51 KST

The TERM TWINDEMIC which was tossed around in the media late last year refers to the DUAL THREAT of a SEVERE FLU OUTBREAK COINCIDING with the CURRENT PANDEMIC in the months of autumn and winter.
Well it's that time of the year again here in this part of the world so in today's panel discussion I have health experts weighing in on the possibility of a TWINDEMIC this season.
I have Professor David Kwak from Soon Chun Hyang University.
Good to see you again Professor Kwak.
I also have Doctor Kim Seung-taek from Institut Pasteur Korea.
Welcome back Doctor Kim.

1) PROFESSOR Kwak in the absence of the long weekend factor Korea's daily tally has soared to ABOVE 2,400 on this Thursday.
Let's begin with a few words on this latest surge.

2) Now then Doctor Kim what are your thoughts on the LIKELIHOOD of a TWINDEMIC this year?

3) PROFESSOR Kwak last year we reportedly marked "record low" flu activity in light of social distancing efforts to keep COVID-19 at bay.
Now some pundits are saying this reality itself may trigger a frightening outbreak this season.
What do they mean?

4) Doctor Kim what has been shared about the danger of being infected with the flu and COVID-19 at the same time?

5) And PROFESSOR Kwak what more can you tell us about the POTENTIAL RISKS POSED by a twindemic on the local front?

6) Also Professor Kwak is there a way to better distinguish flu symptoms from those of COVID-19?

7) Doctor Kim given the LACK of data on the MOST POTENTIALLY TRANSMISSIBLE flu viruses THIS SEASON some are casting doubt on the PROTECTION to be offered by FLU VACCINES this year.
What are your thoughts?
((The seasonal flu VACCINE is DESIGNED to protect against FOUR INFLUENZA VIRUSES that RESEARCH indicates are MOST LIKELY to spread and cause sickness during the UPCOMING flu season.))

8) Doctor Kim regardless of these doubts then which groups do you believe should seek the seasonal flu vaccine AND what are your words of advice on the TIMING of the INOCULATION?

9) Professor Kwak authorities have said that both the seasonal flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine can be taken at the same time.
I'm assuming their words are backed by empirical evidence?

10) Doctor Kim October is proving to be a busy month for healthcare workers with booster shots for the ELDERLY COVID-19 inoculations for YOUNG TEENAGERS as well as EXPECTING MOTHERS AND of course SEASONAL FLU vaccinations.
What measures need to be taken to prevent mishaps?

11) And Professor Kwak what efforts do you propose to boost public participation in the FLU vaccination campaign?

12) Doctor Kim I hear Pfizer is using the m-RNA platform to develop a flu vaccine.
What more can you tell us about this endeavor?

All right
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