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S. Korea reports 2,427 cases of COVID-19 on Thursday Updated: 2021-10-07 10:15:05 KST

Let's start with the COVID-19 situation here on the local front, as the virus refuses to loosen its grip on the country.
Ahead of another 3 day holiday, which starts Friday, South Korea saw another daily caseload above two-thousand.
Joining us live in studio Won-jong, welcome.

Good afternoon.

Tell us more about today's figures.

The number of new daily COVID-19 cases in South Korea Thursday remained above two-thousand due to the post-holiday surge.
There were 2-thousand 427 new cases, and all but 27 were local transmissions.
Of today's cases, more than 78 percent were concentrated in the Greater Seoul area.
As for the vaccine campaign, 55-point 5 percent of the population have now been fully vaccinated.

Switching gears to the COVID-19 vaccination situation in Korea also from today, those who have been fully vaccinated overseas will be able to show proof of vaccination in South Korea. What are the details?

Yes, that is correct.
A lot of people who have gotten their COVID-19 vaccines outside of Korea, have found it difficult to prove their inoculation status when visiting coffee shops and restaurants.
MEANING they weren't eligible for vaccine incentives.
Kicking off Thursday though those who come to Korea with a quarantine exemption document can prove their inoculation status meaning they are now able to get the benefits of being vaccinated.
They can register their information online, using apps like 'Coov' at local health centers.
This will help travelers inoculated abroad and U.S. soldiers stationed in Korea prove their vaccination status.
However, it only applies to vaccines that are approved by the WHO.

Won-jong, there's something I would like to ask you about regarding a new COVID-19 side effect that was added to the list of adverse reactions following COVID-19 shots. Tell us more about the side effects and symptoms.

Yes, it's called menstrual disorder.
Actually there used to be only SEVEN items on the list of covid vaccine side effects.
However, Korea's health authorities are trying to cover a wider range of symptoms now to strengthen the monitoring system for COVID vaccination.
Take a look at this up on your screen right now.
We have fever pain swelling and redness vomiting headache fatigue allergic reaction and now menstrual disorder has been included.

Thank you for the reminder.
The authorities also mentioned their plan for 'Living with Covid' as far as I understand in order to do that we need to lower the rate of infections and have more people with higher immunity. Booster shots are one of the major keys to that, right?

Good point.
Yes, I think so. As you know, health authorities have started taking vaccine reservations for booster shots. for groups who are mostly exposed to a higher risk of catching COVID-19.

Right, who can get this additional vaccine shot?

Since October 5th, those in their 60s and most medical workers have been able to apply for their booster jab.
They are getting an mRNA vaccine from either Pfizer or Moderna.
To clarify this a little more if you previously got the Pfizer vaccine for all doses, you will get another Pfizer shot.
And, if you had two doses of Moderna's shot your extra shot will also be from Moderna.
However if you were administered with AstraZeneca's vaccine, you will still receive either Pfizer or Moderna.

What if someone had the AstraZeneca shot for the first dose and Pfizer for their second what will they get next?

They will still get either Pfizer or Moderna's vaccine.
But the booster shot for Janssen has not been decided yet. We will see.
Also I'd like to point out research says the effectiveness of Pfizer's booster shot is 11 times higher for preventing the infection and 19 times higher for preventing severe cases compared to does who didn't have an extra shot.

Won-jong, as always, thank you for your report.

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