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Covid-19 gov't briefing summary Updated: 2021-10-06 11:07:16 KST

Soa, what's the stance of authorities here in Korea, on vaccination for pregnant women,?

Ever since the government's forecast weeks ago, to start its inoculation program for pregnant women, officials have been stressing the benefits outweigh the risks.
Let's take a listen to what the Commissioner of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency had to say in a recent briefing.

"Pregnant women face a high risk of serious illness and death when infected by the coronavirus. Data from the U.S. shows that expecting mothers were three times more likely to be hospitalized compared to regular women, 2.9 times more likely to be put on a respirator, and 1.7 times more likely to die. In Korea, 2 percent of pregnant COVID-19 patients developed serious illnesses, a rate 6 times higher than that of regular women."

So, Korea is following suit after countries like the U.S. and others now have sufficient data, on the back of higher infection and vaccination rates among pregnant women that now prove the lower risks provided through vaccination.

In the beginning of this year the World Health Organization did not recommend vaccines for pregnant women, citing the lack of clinical trial data.
BUT the global health body has taken on a different stance as of late.
Now it's saying vaccinations for pregnant women should be administered without delay.
The U.S. CDC holds a similar opinion saying vaccinations are safe for both expecting mothers and women who are planning to have children.
Also, the U.S. FDA said in August that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women and also their unborn children.

Meanwhile, vaccinations for another group of people has kicked off just a day ago, teenagers, and regardig that Soa, there have been discussions over whether to release the vaccination rate or not,. what's that about?

- bookings started 8 p.m., tue.
- following discussions including the educ. ministry and related ministries
- every day in the afternoon figures are to be released,.. which would be starting this wed.
- why were there dicussions? because vaccinations for teenagers is not a must
- authorities have been saying it is up to them and parents to make that decision
- unveiling the figures may lead to pressure was the concern

So, to clarify, vaccinations for teenagers is safe, BUT the benefits are not as high as for other groups, right?

Yes, but
- infections among students has gotten higher ever since 2nd semester
- existing health conditions -> recommended
- U.S. FDA head: U.S. child COVID-19 deaths are "embarrassment".
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