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S. Korea's COVID-19 daily tally on Wed. expected to bounce back to 2,000 due to post-holiday surge Updated: 2021-10-06 05:43:53 KST

We are going to start with the COVID-19 situation in South Korea.
The daily tally for Wednesday is expected to be back above the 2-thousand mark again.

That's right, health authorities are concerned over the post-holiday surge from the recent three-day weekend.
For more we have Choi Won-jong in studio with us.
Won-jong, good morning.

Good morning guys.

Alright, Won-jong. The official daily figure will be announced in the next couple of hours.
Considering what we saw between midnight and 9PM, how it is forecast to look?

Sure, Like you said, today's tally is not out yet.
BUT, daily new COVID-19 cases will climb back to over 2-thousand again today.
It's because of a post-holiday surge and because fewer tests were conducted over the three-day weekend.
As far as the cases go from midnight to 9 PM on Tuesday 1-thousand 8-hundred 71 cases were reported.
That's 3-hundred 56 cases more than at the same time on the previous day.
Among local infections, 74-percent were from the Greater Seoul area but AGAIN this could change in next two hours or so.
As you know, another three-day holiday is coming this weekend putting the health authorities on alert.

Let's move onto vaccinations.
Starting Tuesday teenagers aged 16 or 17 were able to book their vaccines providing they had their parents' consent.
First of all, how did that go?

Yeah, briefly South Korea's health authorities started taking vaccine reservations from 16-and-17-year-olds on Tuesday.
So far no major hiccups have been reported it takes just two minutes for them to book their shot and website is stable right now.
AGAIN, they need parental consent to get the vaccine.

What about other vaccination reservations? What other groups who will be eligible soon?

Pregnant women are up next starting this Friday.
According to the KDCA pregnant women who would like to get the COVID-19 vaccine can apply online from 8 PM Korea time.
They will be getting mRNA vaccines such as Moderna or Pfizer.
What's really interesting is that despite many feeling hesitant about the vaccine South Korea is NOT the only country that is urging vaccination for pregnant women the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada all recommend they get vaccinated.
It's because they believe benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.

Before you go tell us more about this potential COVID-19 antibody treatment from AstraZeneca.

Do you remember that yesterday we talked about how Johnson and Johnson's Janssen is currently seeking FDA approval for its booster shot?

So another pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is also seeking FDA approval for its COVID-19 antibody treatment.
It's called A-Z-D-7-4-4-2.
The treatment is delivered as a shot and. prevents COVID-19 symptoms with 77-percent efficacy.
The company said the primary use would be for people with lower immunity after vaccination or people who weren't able to get the vaccine due to health issues.
And, the UK drug maker is also talking to governments from other countries to provide this treatment.

Won-jong, thank you for the report
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