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South Korea reports 1,575 new COVID-19 cases on Tues. Updated: 2021-10-05 11:01:19 KST

Local authorities have announced a plan to facilitate vaccination verification for those who received their COVID-19 inoculation abroad.
I have Choi Won-jong in the studio with details on that plan.

Hi Sunhee.

I hear there have been some hurdles in proving vaccination status?

That's right. Like you mentioned, authorities said they will come up with new ways for people to show their proof of vaccination.
A lot of people from overseas who had gotten their COVID-19 vaccines outside of Korea, have found it difficult to prove their inoculation status when visiting coffee shops and restaurants.
Here's what the government had to say this morning.

"There have been cases where people who were fully vaccinated overseas could not provide proof of their vaccination status, which made it difficult to to provide them with incentives such as exceptions from rules that govern private gatherings."

That's why, the government has worked on more effective ways to verify the vaccination status of travelers who got inoculated abroad as well as U.S. soldiers stationed in Korea.
Starting October 7th, those who come to Korea with a quarantine exemption document can register their information online, using apps like 'Qoov' at local health centers.
However, it only applies to those who received Covid vaccines that have been approved by the WHO.

Meanwhile young teenagers here in the country can sign up for COVID-19 inoculations from today right?

That is absolutely right.
Starting today Tuesday here in Korea teenagers aged 16 and 17 will be able to book vaccine appointments with their parents' consent.
As it has been done previously, registration can be made online starting 8 PM, Korea Time.
Beginning October 18th the first children in this age group will get the mRNA vaccine from Pfizer, with a THREE-WEEK interval between the first and second doses.
For kids between 12 and 15 years old the booking window starts on October 18th and their vaccinations will kick off in November, AGAIN their parents have to give their consent.
Also, bookings for a third, booster shot will also be open on this Tuesday.
From 8 PM, Korea time those over 60 and most medical workers will be ELIGIBLE to receive the extra jabs.
This comes after health authorities have been seeing numerous breakthrough cases due to the Delta variant.

And for the sake of comparison Won-jong do tell us a bit about the booster shot campaigns elsewhere.

Sure, Europe's top drug agency has approved the use of booster shots for people 18 and older.
The European Medicines Agency said Monday this will be the case for all adults and will be available for people AT LEAST 6 months after they've gotten their second dose.
They'll get the Pfizer vaccine.
What's interesting is that this encompasses a much broader age range than the U.S. FDA, with boosters only being approved for Americans aged 65 and older.
In the U.S., Johnson AND Johnson's Janssen vaccine is seeking FDA approval for its booster shot.
The pharmaceutical company will be submitting the necessary paperwork this week.
The Janssen product is a SINGLE dose vaccine.
The FDA and outside experts have been discussing whether to give the green light for this vaccine and a decision is expected in the coming weeks.

All right Won-jong thank you for that coverage.
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