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President Moon says he proposed 'end of war declaration' based on pride in defense readiness Updated: 2021-10-01 09:32:11 KST

A ceremony has been held in Korea's southeast to mark the country's seventy-third Armed Forces Day.
Attending the event, President Moon Jae-in said that based on the military's readiness he proposed a declaration to end the Korean War but stressed that South Korea will respond sternly to any threats.
For more, our presidential office correspondent Kim Min-ji is on the line.
Min-ji, tell us more.

President Moon Jae-in says as the commander-in-chief his biggest responsibility is to establish lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.
Moon said he has pride in the country's defense readiness and based on that, he proposed to the global community in his UN address last month to declare an end to the 1950-53 Korean War and open a new era of reconciliation and cooperation on the Peninsula.
He spoke at a ceremony on Friday to mark South Korea's Armed Forces Day.
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"The first and most important responsibility as commander-in-chief is establishing lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, and maintaining it. It is also the mission of the military. The government and military will sternly respond to any act that threatens people's lives and safety."

Moon's message comes amid a sticky situation on the Peninsula following a series of missile launches by North Korea. while it continues to issue statements regarding the development of inter-Korean relations.
Moon said a country's defense is not made overnight, saying that it's thanks to the military's devotion to establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula that South Korea's military is ranked the world's sixth most powerful.
The President also highlighted that the military was pushing ahead with reforms and incorporating advanced technology in its weapons systems.
Moon noted that based on the solid Seoul-Washington alliance the allies scrapped missile guidelines paving the way for South Korea to develop more powerful missiles.

Moon noted the room for further progress, pointing to next year's defense budget proposed at roughly 47.6 billion U.S. dollars.
That's up 37 percent since 2017 the start of Moon's term.
He also highlighted South Korea's contributions to UN peace keeping operations especially with this year marking three decades since it joined the global body.

This year's ceremony was held with the country's navy for the first time in the southern port city of Pohang.
The army, navy and air force performed a joint landing operation incorporating advanced technology to highlight the country's military strength.
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